Session FAQ

What can I expect from my session?

To have fun! :) A portrait session normally lasts 1-2 hours. I like to keep sessions relaxed and low key: it's a time to be you, have a good time, and interact naturally with one another. If everyone is enjoying themselves, it makes it much easier to capture your true personality, and will give you a more realistic representation of your relationships.

Ignore the camera. We will have a blast and I will capture love, smiles and genuine moments that are evident in your everyday lives…and you will be able to store those moments forever.

Where do we take the photos?

Feel free to choose any location – it could be one that has a special meaning or one that you have always wanted to experience (if you choose Hawaii, I am completely okay with that!!). The images will, of course, be centered on you and your loved ones, but keep in mind that a great background can do wonders for a photo! Natural spots with pretty scenery work great and are best during the morning or evening hours. Urban locations can also be great, and we can work with those any time of day. If you're not sure about where you would like to go, I can help with suggestions.

What should I/we wear?

A good rule to follow is: coordinate and complement. Don't be too matchy matchy! For group portraits, simple color coordination is all that's needed. Avoid busy patterns and clothing displaying large logos.

Accessorize! Wearing appropriate accessories will add an extra element of color and interest to the photo. Scarves, hats, flowers, jewelry, etc., can help complete the image and give you multiple looks!

Be comfortable! If you're uncomfortable in your clothing, it will show up in the photo- especially with children! Make sure kids can move freely in their clothes and they won't be pulling/scratching at their new outfits. We want to do everything possible to make sure children are happy and not miserable during the shoot- it will reflect in the pictures.

Can I bring something that I'd like to be photographed with?

Yes, please! Think about bringing props that make sense to the session. Props can enhance and add meaning to the photos, but they could take away from the photo if they are inappropriate or too large. Flowers, blankets, books, musical instruments, etc., are all great. If you are unsure if something will work, please ask! It is more than likely that we can work anything you want into the shoot in order to give you a great experience!

Where are you located? Will you come to my town?

I'm based in Corpus Christi, Texas and will travel up to 30 miles for free. I love to travel, so I'll come to you for a small fee if you're further away. No place is too far!! Just ask for details. If you are located in a remote/exotic location, I may just make an exception. :)