Introducing, the next evolution of a photo booth! The GIF Booth captures fun and motion by creating fast-paced animated GIF files that are sent instantly via text message. It is sleek and modernly designed, and has a small footprint so it can go almost anywhere. The GIF Booth can be completely battery powered and uses wifi, so you are not confined to one space. Your guests can save the GIFs to their phones and share via Facebook and Twitter. Use your event #hashtag too!  People of all ages love it- The GIF Booth WILL BE the life of the party!

Learn more about the GIF Booth:

What is a GIF?
GIFs are a series of still images that are animated into a looping video.
How does the GIF Booth work?
It’s very easy! Guests simply touch the screen, it records an animated GIF, and guests enter their phone number to receive it.
How do the GIFs get delivered?
Guests can instantly send the animated GIF directly to their smartphone via text message. From there, they can download and share on Facebook, other social media platforms, or to wherever their heart desires. They can even view GIFs from the same event!
Do I need to book a photography package to rent the GIF Booth?
There is no requirement to book a photo package with Carrie Nichols Photography in order to rent.
Does the GIF Booth need WIFI access?
WIFI access is required for instant download to a mobile device. If WIFI is not available, then we will electronically send GIF images within 24 hours following the event to guests that requested GIFs.
Does the GIF Booth need a power outlet?
Nope! It’s a simple, chic, stand-alone photo booth that uses battery power, making it ideal for outdoor events.
What about props?
None needed! The movement that the GIF Booth captures makes it fun enough. However, we can add props for a small upgrade. 
How much space is needed?
It has a slim tripod design, and needs only about a 3’ x 3’ space. We recommend setting aside a 6' x 4' space to allow room for guests to watch the fun happening! 
Do I have access to an online gallery?
You sure do! You can see GIFS from the entire event from our online gallery. You and guests have the option of keeping them forever if you download them.
Can guests print photos right there?
No, the GIF Booth is unique compared to other photo booths because it lets guests instantly save GIFs to their phone, and share the photos on social media.
Can the GIF booth be customized with my branding?
Yes! Your company, organization, or event-specific branding can be featured. We can even use a hashtag specific to your event.